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Section 100
Proc. 165

Subject: Title Lists
Effective: 07/01/78
Revision (4): 07/01/2015


1. University Job Title List

This is the official list of all job titles for the university. Human Resources is responsible for assigning a title to each position. The list is available in the Human Resources-Compensation website under Job Families ( The following terms are associated with the job title list.

    1. Job Family - This is the broadest of the terms and consists of various jobs involving work of the same nature but requiring different levels of skill and responsibility.
    2. Job Title - Describes in a general way a group of similar positions at the same level.
    3. Pay Grade - Pay grade defines the point in the hierarchy where the job fits. Refer to Policy/Procedure No. HRO430 Job Classification.

2. Adding, Changing, and Deleting Job Titles

A campus or institute may make a proposal to add, change, or delete a job title, working with Human Resources-Compensation. A committee of representatives from each campus/institute will review the proposal and make a determination. The job title list will be updated to reflect any approved changes.

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